Unleash the power of Connected TV with precision targeting.

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Why choose brandhalo?

Say goodbye to hefty platform fees and monthly minimums! Take your Connected TV advertising to the next level and hyper-target your audience down to one zip code, to cities, DMAs or even states. Get ready to see some amazing results with brandhalo!


Features included :
Premium CTV inventory
NO monthly minimums
NO hidden fees
NO long-term contracts
Lower CPM rates
Do it yourself. Self-serve!
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Features not included :
Non-premium CTV inventory
High monthly minimums
High agency fees
Long-term contracts
Higher CPM rates
Lack fo control & reporting

Ready to level up your your brand awareness?

Boost brand awareness and reach a wider audience by crushing it with always-on CTV campaigns. Our platform has everything you need to create impactful, effective campaigns that drive results. You'll have access to all the tools you need that will help you get there.
Premium content
Long form, non-skippable and ad supported content that meets brand safe guidelines.
No monthly minimums
Get the most out of your advertising budget and enjoy industry-leading CPM rates with freedom to spend as much or little as you'd like.
No upfront costs
Say goodbye to upfronts and being tied down by long-term contracts and commitments.
Reach and engage your target audience. Connect with 87% of U.S. households with precision targeting in your local market.
Enable accurate targeting from millions of households that have Connected TV devices.
Seamless transition from linear TV to streaming TV reaching audiences that spend roughly 42 hours a week streaming content.
Real-time reporting
Monitor your robust campaigns and their performance with our real-time reporting dashboard.
Cord cutters & cord nevers
Corded relationships are advancing rapidly. Reach consumers who have shifted their viewing habits and who have never had a cable subscription.
Have fun! It's easy
Through brandhalo place your local Connected TV ad and reach audiences streaming content from premium content partners.

Scale your digital campaigns on a platform that offers TVs top shows.