Ramp up your reach and scale with precision targeting.

Access to premium inventory
Upgrade your advertising game with access to the best channels, shows and apps!
Get detailed analytics
Keep a pulse on your Connected TV campaigns with real-time analytics. Get instant insights into the performance of your advertising efforts.
Deliver your brand's message
Craft your message and make an impact with CTV advertising.
Impactful & measureable
Pinpoint your audience like a pro with location-based, interest-driven, and demographic-focused targeting - hello, precision marketing!
Campaign scheduling
Streamline your campaign flights with ease. schedule your campaigns for specific dates, or even set recurring schedules.
Deliver on channels you want
Deliver the ultimate viewing experience by reaching your targeted audience on the hottest premium streaming channels and apps like Bloomberg, Food Network, HGTV, MLB and NFL Networks, and watch gamers get their game on with Twitch!
100% freedom, no commitment
Experience 100% freedom and flexibility. No long-term commitments, just pay-as-you-go advertising on your terms.
Go live in less than 24hrs
Launch within 24 hours and enjoy the freedom to reach your target audience in no time.
Retarget your email lists
Get ready to bring your email game to the big screen! Re-engage your past customers, and target your email list like a pro--watch your campaigns come to life.
Living room quality
Media is purchased on top-tier streaming networks for brand safety and prestige, providing exclusive advertising opportunities for your brand.
brandhalo connects you to your audience beyond search and social.
For the first time ever place your content across the world's largest apps and streaming devices.
Made for everyone
Maximize your potential with brandhalo's CTV reporting and advertising platform, designed for both small and large advertisers alike.
Storytelling built for TV streaming
Streamline your advertising strategy and reach your audience with ease through our platform, delivering your message built to stream on the biggest screens in the home.
Instant optimization
Optimize your campaigns in real-time with our self-serve CTV advertising platform, making advertising simple and effective for businesses of all sizes.
No more guesswork, just straight up return on investment that'll have you feeling like a boss. Get ready to see your advertising dollars go further, all while having a blast!

Why choose brandhalo?

Say goodbye to hefty platform fees and monthly minimums! Take your Connected TV advertising to the next level and hyper-target your audience down to one zip code, to cities, DMAs or even states. Get ready to see some amazing results with brandhalo!


Features included :
Premium CTV inventory
NO monthly minimums
NO hidden fees
NO long-term contracts
Lower CPM rates
Do it yourself. Self-serve!
other platforms
Features not included :
Non-premium CTV inventory
High monthly minimums
High agency fees
Long-term contracts
Higher CPM rates
Lack fo control & reporting

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Premium CTV inventory
Lower CPM rates
No monthly minimums
No long-term contracts
No hidden fees