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Glossary of Advanced TV Terms

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Glossary of Advanced TV Terms

What are the differences between OTT, CTV, TVE, OLV, VOD, SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and PVOD?

OTT (Over-The-Top): OTT refers to the delivery of television content over the internet, without the need for a cable or satellite subscription.

CTV (Connected TV): CTV is a term used to refer to internet-based television platforms, such as streaming services and smart TVs.

TVE (TV Everywhere): TVE is a term used to describe the ability to access television content on multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, as well as traditional TVs.

OLV (Online Video): OLV refers to video content that is available online, such as on YouTube, Vimeo, and other video-sharing platforms.

VOD (Video on Demand): VOD refers to the ability to watch video content whenever you want, rather than at a specific time like with linear TV.

SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand): SVOD refers to a type of VOD service that is accessed through a subscription, such as Netflix or Hulu.

TVOD (Transactional Video on Demand): TVOD refers to a type of VOD service that is accessed through a one-time payment, such as buying or renting a movie or TV show on a platform like iTunes or Google Play.

AVOD (Ad-Supported Video on Demand): AVOD refers to a type of VOD service that is supported by advertising, such as free streaming platforms like Tubi or Pluto TV.

PVOD (Premium Video on Demand): PVOD refers to a type of VOD service that offers high-quality, premium content for a one-time payment, such as renting a new release movie on a platform like Amazon Prime Video.

These terms are often used to describe different aspects of the television and video landscape, and they can overlap in some cases. For example, OTT and CTV are often used interchangeably, and many VOD services are both subscription-based (SVOD) and ad-supported (AVOD).

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